Pet Adoptions

Adopting a pet from the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter is easy. Take a look at our pet list to see who is currently available for adoption, and then come by the shelter for a visit. Upon approval, an adoption application will be completed and you can take home your forever pet.

When Adopting Do Not Forget To Consider An Adult

Adult Dogs Have Less Energy. Puppies have boundless supplies of energy which they must expend somehow. If you fail to properly expend a dog's energy, this leads to destructive behaviors like chewing, barking and even anxiety or aggression. Adopting a dog age two or older will enable new dog owners to enjoy a dog who has already expended that seemingly-boundless puppy energy, making training and dog ownership in general much easier. Often time there are dogs up for adoption that are already trained. With adult dogs their size is evident. A puppy's adult size is difficult to determine. Even purebreds vary in size among their breed.

Adoption Fees


The Adoption, Spay/Neuter fee is $100.00 for all Dogs and Puppies.

The Adoption, Spay/Neuter fee is $80.00 for all Cats and Kittens.

Fees are subject to change as service costs with other facilities change. Always call the shelter ahead of time for current prices. The adoption price includes at least one vaccination, worming, rabies vaccination, flea and tick drops and spay/neuter services before they go to their new home. The Shelter only accepts Cash for adoptions. Your adoption of a pet allows us to give another pet a chance to find a life long home! Thank you for making a difference. Other Services: Micro-chipping available to the public during normal business hours. Cost $15.00